IHS Trust Responsibility:  Yoder & Langford is currently working on three litigation matters where tribes are seeking to confirm that the United States owes a trust responsibility in the provision of health care for Indians.  IHS has defended, arguing that tribes have no legal right to enforce trust responsibilities for health care.  Over the next few months, we will be seeking input from tribes to explore possible consultation efforts to address what duties should be owed with regard to health care. 

General Welfare Exclusion:   With the passage of Internal Revenue Code Section 139E, we are working on many general welfare ordinance and tribal member program revisions. Tribes who have not yet amended their codes and programs to meet Code Section 139E will want to consider changes as soon as possible.      

DOL Enforcing ERISA With No Tribal Guidance:  Yoder & Langford is currently defending a tribal government in a DOL penalty assessment case under ERISA.  We are asserting that tribes who apply ERISA requirements in good faith pending regulatory guidance should be granted reasonable cause waivers, and that tribes are entitled to government-to-government consultation in developing regulatory guidance before being subjected to audits or assessments under Executive Order 13175. Over the next few months, we will be seeking to secure tribal input to initiate consultation over these issues.  

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We advise and assist clients on the design and administration of retirement plans, retiree medical trusts, governmental excess benefit arrangements, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, and welfare benefit programs. 

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The firm was founded in 1997 to serve tribal government clients with regard to benefits law, health care and taxation issues.  The firm works on self-governance and self determination issues and remains actively involved with national efforts to strengthen sovereignty through consultation, legislation, policy and regulatory reform.      


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Yoder & Langford focuses on tribal government issues.  We advise our tribal clients on tax law, trust matters, employee benefits programs and health care issues in a manner that coordinates federal regulation with tribal sovereignty.